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Tania Dalton - Never on the Sideline always in the action.

Tania's reach into the community was rich and varied. Tania was truly involved in all things sport from grassroots to the board room; as a coach, manager, mentor, advisor, commentator. The list of ways that Tania got involved was endless. There are many stories of T rushing to planes, meeting, coaching sessions always pushing to get just that one more thing into each day. Yes was her answer when asked if she could get involved.

Tania thrived on giving back and the buzz of seeing others succeed, having fun and make the most of the opportunities thrown their way. Join us and get involved - you'll love the journey, the friends you'll make along the way and that buzz of being part of an epic support team.

Become a Tania Dalton Foundation Partner

The Foundation is thrilled with the progress made to date, we are committed to increasing the Foundation’s impact. To help us, we are looking for partners who share our vision and goals.

The Tania Dalton Foundation has achieved phenomenal traction since its inception. We have had an excellent level of media coverage. Our network of high profile sports people is helping deliver mentoring support. We have a volunteer network that is passionate and engaged. Partnering with the Tania Dalton Foundation will mean that you’re engaging with a credible charity. The breadth and reach of our supporters is immense. Together we can make a difference. Epic potential requires Epic support.



Volunteering makes you feel good and impacts positively on communities. If you’ve been thinking about ways that you could give back then maybe there is a fit with the Tania Dalton Foundation. We’re always on the look out for people to assist with events, programmes or to add expertise to our team. Get in touch today.



‘Mentoring aims to provide a purposeful, structured and trusting relationship, that brings young people together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement. NZ Youth Mentoring Network. Being a Mentor is an opportunity to have a huge impact in a young person’s life and to contribute in a positive way to developing their full potential; but it is equally about how that special relationship can reward and enrich the life of the Mentor. The word Mentor has its origins in Greek mythology and traditionally referred to a wise guide, teacher or counsellor. Research shows that mentors benefit from:

  • – a sense of achievement – a better understanding of young adults
  • – improved knowledge and skills
  • – a culturally and socially enriched life through developing a caring and positive relationship.

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