Hugh Van Cuylenburg and The Resilience Project on Tour

In early November, Hugh's captivated crowds

The three packed audiences in Auckland and Christchurch were surprised to find themselves in tears of laughter as Hugh Van Cuylenburg told stories of his journey toward discovering the key strategies for us all to practice and experience better mental health and wellbeing. In early November, Hugh's captivated crowds were inspired and motivated to bring simple elements of gratitude, empathy and mindfulness in to their daily lives to bring about significant change in their levels of happiness.  Hugh also shared some powerful information about our relationships with our phones, and how to take control and lessen the degree to which they are negatively impacting many aspects of our lives. The queue to purchase Hugh's books and wellbeing journals after the show, were a testament to how much everyone had enjoyed the evening.  A message received a few days later from someone who had purchased Hugh's first book The Resilience Project: Finding Happiness Through Gratitude, Empathy, and Mindfulness, said "I'm absolutely gripped. Everyone needs to own this book, to read and to learn from.  I just love it!". The New Zealand TRP team of Ant Ford, Georgie, and Kathy Harding loved connecting with Hugh over coffee, and sharing our passion for supporting positive mental health, especially for the young people of Aotearoa.  We look forward to hosting Hugh again very soon.

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