Bree McCowatt

Surf Lifesaving, Ngatea, supported by Burton Partners.

Jyordanna Davey

Basketball, Wellington, supported by Paul & Liz Blackwell.

Kimberly Curry

Netball, Nelson, supported by Solution Street.

Luisa Togotogorua

Rugby, Auckland, supported by Goodman.

Marama Downes

Cricket, Auckland, supported by CBRE.

Melika Samia

Basketball, Tauranga, supported by RCP.

Mia McCausland

Touch Rugby, Auckland, supported by Bayleys Foundation.

Ruby Tawa

Rugby, Tauranga, supported by ASB.

Sade Kaipara-Morrison

Netball, Cambridge, supported by Prospect Group.

Sylvia Brunt

Rugby, Auckland, supported by Colliers in conjunction with the Michael Synnott Charitable Trust.